Our mission is to promote the well-being of residents by enhancing the integrity of local ecosystems and the residential areas. 


  1. To advocate for the preservation and enhancement of the distinctive semi-rural character of West Southlands

  2. To support protection of wetlands, green space, wildlife, birds, and native vegetation

  3. To support development and maintenance of riverfront walkways and trails connecting to Pacific Spirit Park

  4. To notify West Southlands residents of issues that may have a significant impact on the neighbourhood

  5. To serve where requested as a liaison between West Southlands residents and the City of Vancouver on issues that affect the neighbourhood

  6. To foster good relations with West Southlands’ neighbours



Safety concerns have been raised for people walking in the neighbourhood, the unintuitive stop at the intersection of Dunbar and 49th Avenue, speeding along 51st Avenue, Dunbar and Collingwood, and sports field traffic on Alma Street. WSRA is advocating for speed humps on 51st, a raised crossing at the Wallace Trail and 51st, and a 30 km/h speed limit on the streets without sidewalks. 


An Aircraft Noise Complaint line at (604) 207-7097 operates 24 hours a day to respond to reports of excessive noise from aircraft. 



Heavy rains and high tides frequently result in overflowing storm sewers, clogged drains and pooling along some streets in West Southlands. WSRA is working with the City to develop measures to minimize flooding. 


Keeping garbage out of the woods and marsh is a constant challenge. A crumpled juice box, cellophane candy wrapper and other debris often collect along the creek. Sometimes larger pieces of garbage are dumped in the forest. One piece of litter quickly multiplies, posing a threat to plants and animals as well as the enjoyment of the natural environment. Cleaning up is a responsibility shared by all who go through the area.


Community involvement and awareness deter crime. A local policing office is located in the Dunbar Community Centre. The non-emergency number is (604) 717-3321 . If you would like to monitor safety, Vancouver Police issues a city-wide crime map every week.

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