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Our mission is to promote the well-being of residents by enhancing the integrity of local ecosystems and the residential areas. 


  1. To advocate for the preservation and enhancement of the distinctive semi-rural character of West Southlands

  2. To support protection of wetlands, green space, wildlife, birds, and native vegetation

  3. To support development and maintenance of riverfront walkways and trails connecting to Pacific Spirit Park

  4. To notify West Southlands residents of issues that may have a significant impact on the neighbourhood

  5. To serve where requested as a liaison between West Southlands residents and the City of Vancouver on issues that affect the neighbourhood

  6. To foster good relations with West Southlands’ neighbours


Green Space

Protection and enhancement of green space is a high priority in West Southlands. Musqueam Park and Musqueam Marsh Nature Park are part of a wildlife corridor that connects Pacific Spirit Regional Park to trails along the Fraser River.


Musqueam Park

The Park is a meeting space for residents. We have recently had a little library and benches installed, and we are now advocating for a children's playground.


Walking on our Streets

We have quiet streets mainly without sidewalks that add to the rural feel of the neighbourhood. This can mean difficulties with drivers not used to our streets. WSRA is advocating for speed humps on 51st, a raised crossing at the Wallace Trail and 51st, and a 30 km/h speed limit on the streets without sidewalks. 

The Vancouver Plan

We are interested in how the new 30-year strategy for the city will affect our neighbourhood and are keeping in contact with the City for updates. We will survey neighbourhood residents about any plans that may affect us.

Fraser River Trail

In 2020, we surveyed residents about support for a trail along the River the full length of the city and beyond. There was overwhelming enthusiasm. We communicated that to city councillor Michael Wiebe, who was working with regional committees about the trail.



Heavy rains and high tides sometimes result in overflowing storm sewers, clogged drains, and pooling water along some streets in West Southlands. WSRA works with the City to ensure measures are taken to minimize drainage problems and flooding. 

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