City / Region Info & Reports

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Planning & Development

  • A 30-year strategy for the City was adopted in July 2022. It is called the Vancouver Plan and includes elements of special relevance to West Southlands (for example, see pages 92, 105, 112, 141). There's a short fun video outlining the plan and next steps. We asked the City how the plan might affect West Southlands. Here are the questions and answers.

  • Sign up to provide your opinion to the City via Talk Vancouver. They will notify you of issues being discussed by City Council and offer you a chance to provide your opinion via polling, public meetings, and notes to council

  • Laneway housing infoguide

Contact the city, litter clean-up, permits, etiquette

Flood Prevention

Emergency Preparedness

  • Power outages - Info from utilities about what to do

    • BC Hydro power outage info

    • 1 800 BCHYDRO (1 800 224 9376) or *HYDRO (*49376) on your mobile phone

    • Fortis power outage info

Vancouver Heritage Register - full list of addresses, including 6275 Dunbar also listed as one of Canada’s Historic Places 

Report cards on the city government's performance on climate change, housing, policing, ambulance response times and equity


Vancouver Police department weekly crime reports - This report provides data on crime throughout the City. West Southlands is typically a low crime neighbourhood. A local policing office is located in the Dunbar Community Centre. The non-emergency number is (604) 717-3321 


Iona Island Waste Water Treatment project - $10-billion project includes a berth for barges on the Fraser River by Deering Island (contact number: 604 432 6200)


MetroVancouver November 2020 Report on Regional Greenways 2050​​​ proposes a route along the north arm of the Fraser River from the west to the east of the region (see Map 1, p. 20)