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West Southlands

The neighbourhood of West Southlands includes around 300 homes in an area bound by Southwest Marine Drive, the north arm of the Fraser River, Collingwood Street and the Musqueam Indian Reserve. 

Archeological evidence indicates the Indigenous people were here thousands of years ago, living in cedar longhouses along the Fraser River. Settlers began farming the fertile flood plains that became Southlands in 1864. Vancouver City Council adopted the Southlands Plan in 1988. The Plan preserves the semi-rural character of the area, including ditches and no street curbs to allow as much natural absorption of rainwater as possible. Three homes in West Southlands are on the city's inventory of heritage sites

The forested area is covered with second-growth western red cedar, western hemlock, Douglas fir and alder. Birders have spotted more than 30 species in the area. More than 20 types of plants flourish in the parkland. How many have you seen? 

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